Organoids are unique three-dimensional cell cultures in which cells aggregate into tiny spheres. Each organoid is a miniature model of the airways that is unique to the person who provided the cells to grow the organoid. PBA’s organoid technology was developed in collaboration with Dr. Martina Gentzsch and researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Gentzsch is an internationally recognized expert in cell biology and physiology of cystic fibrosis. PBA continues to pioneer new ways to efficiently grow organoids from primary epithelial tissue.

PBA exclusively licensed this technology for commercial development and is focused on fast-forming nasal and bronchial organoids, which are ideally suited to evaluate drugs targeting the respiratory system.

Enhanced Biological Relevance

PBA’s organoids provide a personalized model of the airways that offers unmatched biological relevance and:

  • Are composed of differentiated epithelial cells, mimicking the polarization and epithelial structure of the airways;
  • Display ion and fluid transport, mimicking airway (de)hydration;
  • Exhibit cilia that actively transport mucus within the organoid, mimicking the airway physiology;
  • Contain important mucin proteins such as MUC5B and MUC5AC, mimicking the in vivo airway surface liquid composition.

Organoid Benefits

The benefits of organoid cell culture include:

  • Convenient sample acquisition
    • Minimally-invasive sample acquisition via nasal scrape
    • Tissue easily shipped from collection site
  • Fast organoid growth
    • 64% to 74% faster than standard two-dimensional cell culture
    • 180,000 fully formed organoids can be grown in as few as 17 days
    • 1.6 million organoids can be grown in as few as 21 days
  • Efficient use of resources
    • 50-fold more efficient use of cells
    • Sufficient cells for extensive biobanking
    • Amenable to high throughput screening and automated analysis

Organoids Cystic Fibrosis Functional Drug Screening High Throughput In Vitro FunctionalOrganoids Cystic Fibrosis Functional Drug Screening