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Advanced assays accelerating the discovery, development and use of new medications for respiratory disease

Our Vision

Precision medicine–tailoring drug treatment
to specific patient populations–holds enormous potential for the future of healthcare. Here at PBA, we are pursuing both precision development, the targeted development of new treatments for specific patient populations, and precision treatment, the selective use of existing medications based on an individual’s unique characteristics.

We believe that precision medicine can address the complexities of disease and biological interactions on the whole-genome level.

Our patient-derived cell culture technology allows for high-throughput, functional drug screening that accounts for the complexities of biological interactions in the tissue of interest, without the need for complex genome sequencing and interpretation.

PBA’s technologies enhance the drug development and testing process by enabling the broad adoption of precision medicine. We are currently focusing on respiratory diseases due to their high societal and economic costs.


Organoids are a unique type of three-dimensional cell culture that are ideally suited to support precision medicine in respiratory diseases and beyond.

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Assay Technologies

Organoid-based assays and supporting technologies

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We are deploying our technology throughout the entire drug development and testing process to build a robust drug pipeline.


Therapeutic Areas of Focus

Our core technology is broadly applicable to diseases that impact ion channel function, cilia activity, mucociliary clearance and mucus/sputum production. Examples include cystic fibrosis (CF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and primary ciliary dyskinesia.

Our Impact

For patients, we represent the promise of earlier access to life-changing, personalized medications. We do this by working to identify effective drugs earlier in the development process and ensuring clinical trials are designed to achieve their full potential.

Our Impact


Path BioAnalytics is seeking partners to further support translational drug development initiatives and precision medicine approaches to disease treatment.

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