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Precision Medicine - Made Possible


Developing drugs for indications with high unmet need through patient-derived disease models and artificial intelligence

Our Vision

Precision medicine–tailoring drug treatment
to specific patient populations–holds enormous potential for the future of healthcare. Here at PBA, we conduct phenotypic drug discovery and development using patient-derived disease models and AI to advance treatments for targeted patient populations.

We believe that precision medicine can address the complexities of disease and biological interactions on the whole-genome level.

Organoids: Patient-Derived Disease Models

Organoids are a unique type of three-dimensional cell culture that are ideally suited to better understanding a wide range of diseases.

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Organoids: Patient-Derived Disease Models

The Sphera Platform

Organoid-based phenotypic assays

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PBA is developing drugs for multiple indications, including cystic fibrosis, COPD, celiac disease and chronic rhinosinusitis.



Path BioAnalytics is seeking partners to further support translational drug development initiatives and precision medicine approaches to disease treatment.

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